GUILTY magazine

GUILTY magazine is a magazine that focuses on how to make the best of life – especially during a pandemic. The articles in the magazine are about music, lifestyle, fun activities to do during the pandemic, and more. Because the magazine is all about fun and enjoyment, I’ve decided to use funny, messy looking illustrations to create a playful vibe. See the page illustrations to take a better look at the illustrations.


During my internship at Doorrood, one of the ways to show what you learned during your internship, was to make a booklet of some sort in which you talked about your experiences. This was mandatory for all students. My supervisor wanted to set up an assignment that was about my passion and my interests, not just something I had to make for college. After deciding I wanted to do something with illustrating, we concluded it would be a great opportunity for me to create illustrations for a company I knew. I picked De Lindenberg, which is a “house for culture”, that provides all sorts of creative workshops and courses. The challenge was to create illustrations that were playful, colourful but not childish. The illustrations were made to help people who are visiting De Lindenberg find their way. I chose the six kinds of workshops and courses they offer: theatre, music, singing, crafts, writing and dance. 



The illustrations are all drawn in one single stroke. To get the right shape, I used yarn to “map out” the lines, which was a fun experience. Based on those lines, I created digital illustrations and combined those with colourful shapes. These shapes can be used on their own as well, for instance they can be made into a pattern or shown on a ticket for a show. To show how these illustrations look as a part of a design, I made a few mockups.


K-Lixer is a new brand that sells kombucha drinks. Kombucha is a drink made of fermented tea. It is said to be very healthy. K-Lixer sells three different flavours; ginger & berry, grapes & flowers and mom & raspberry. The illustrations on the packaging are made by hand and then digitalised and coloured. I’ve chosen for vibrant colours to make sure the new K-Lixer drinks stand out when you’re walking through the supermarket. The colours also resemble energy. See the page illustrations to take a better look at the illustrations on the packaging. 


Creallure is a symposium about typography. For this design I’ve designed the letters of the words science and art. Each letter is individually designed, printed out and photographed. The different shades of white and grey in the background of the letters are from different types of lightning. I wanted to capture the endless possibilities and variations of typography. Each letter has been individually placed, to make sure there is a playful ensemble.

creallure typographic poster


This is a personal project I set up. I wanted to experiment with typography, to see the opportunities I could explore. Alles is kunst is alles is Dutch and directly translates to All is art is all. To me, this sentence is about the fact art can be found everywhere, and anyone can create art. It’s about looking at the world and seeing a beautiful constellation of different pieces of art. 


All is art. Art is all. Alles is kunst. Kunst is alles.


This is a personal project I set up. If I’m in a supermarket, I always look at the beer labels. There are a lot of illustrated ones that always catch my eye. Gorillaz is a virtual band, they’re internationally known for their broad range and the four band members. Because the illustration style of Gorillaz’s latest album (“Cracker Island”) is appealing to me, I decided to use it to practise package design. So I created beer labels based on Gorillaz’s single “Cracker Island”. Each member has their own beer and unique name (2-D’S GO-2 DRINK, NOODLE’S NIGHT, RUSSEL’S ROULETTE, MURDOC’S MADNESS)


Just like the first internship, I set up an extra project with my supervisor. Last time I focused on my own interests; illustrating for De Lindenberg. This time I also focused on my own interest, as well as a skill I want to learn and improve. Since I love going to festivals and concerts, and live music in general, and I want to learn more about motion design, we set up a project regarding a combination of those two. I was going to make a few short teasers about Dutch music festival Down The Rabbit Hole. This is a festival that takes place once a year near my hometown, and it’s all about good music (alternative, rock, indie) and being able to be yourself. 


I used videos I made during the 2022 edition of DTRH. That way I could really show what the festival is like for people going there, instead of video’s made by the festival organisers themselves. 


Go Far, Go Green! is a fictional travelling agency. GFGG focuses on making sustainable traveling accessible, fun, and cheap. It focuses on traveling to a destination by train, no expensive hotels but affordable alternatives. GFGG wants to make sustainable traveling interesting to students and young families. To make sure this way of traveling gets popular amongst people, and to encourage people to choose to make a difference.