Marit Jansen - graphic design student

Notebooks, journals, the corners of high school textbooks – they were always filled with small illustrations throughout elementary and high school. I’ve always known that I wanted to study something with art and creating. Graphic design was appealing to me, because I wanted to learn how to digitalise the art I made in my sketchbooks. 

Being able to digitalise my art, and to create designs using all sorts of programs, opened an entire new world for me. I’m always learning new skills and improving them. Aside from creating interesting designs, having fun is still an important part of my work to me. On study breaks, I like to draw quick 1-5 minute illustrations. 

I’m currently in my third year at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, and working as an intern at Doorrood in Apeldoorn. 

You can visit my LinkedIn here

Skills - programs and languages

Almost all of the programs I work with are Adobe programs. The most used ones are Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and ProCreate. Aside from those, I can also work with Adobe Xd, Adobe Animate, Adobe Dimensions and WordPress.

I speak Dutch and English fluently, and I speak a little French and German as well. I’m an optimistic person and like to think in solutions instead of problems. I am quick to think “outside the box”. 

If this website has made you curious, and you are in need of a graphic design, simply fill out a form on my contact page to get in touch with me, or contact me on my Instagram.